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An intro into who I am.

Welcome to my very first blog. I am a photographer from Iron Mountain, Michigan located in the Upper Peninsula. When I was a child I always loved looking at my parent’s family albums, admiring all of the pictures. My love turned into my family having to hide the albums from me because I was constantly removing the photos and keeping them in my room.

In 6th grade my family bought their first digital camera. I would bring it to school and take pictures of all my friends before school and during lunch period. I loved capturing the memories and this followed into my adult life. In 2008 I began working at Freeman’s Photography located in the Midtown Mall in Iron Mountain. I first started as a photo editor editing weddings, senior sessions as well as newborn photos.

Eventually I became a second photographer and photographed weddings and was the primary photographer for holiday sessions such as Easter Bunny photos, Halloween photos as well as Santa photos for the mall. During this period I also started photographing weddings, seniors and families on my own.

In 2014 I took a hiatus to get my cosmetology license at the Paul Mitchell School in Escanaba, Michigan. After cosmetology school I worked at the SmartStyle Salon inside Walmart. In 2016 I became pregnant with my first child, Adrian. This pregnancy unfortunately resulted in loss but I was blessed with my amazing daughter Chloe a year later. In 2021 I was had my final child, Tanner.

I was a stay at home mom since the birth of my daughter Chloe, but in 2021 I photographed my friend Victoria’s wedding and it reignited the love I had for wedding photography. After her wedding I decided to take my love of photography and make my own photography business official. I now own a photography studio located in downtown Iron Mountain located in the Franklin Square building. I have poured my soul into my work since opening my business.

Thank you for taking the time to read my very first blog and getting a look into who I am. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and work with you!